Our Youth Need Your Help!

Whether children have the opportunity to perform in theatre productions or help out behind the scenes, studying Drama and Performing Arts not only engages with the creative side of the brain, it also provides an ideal balance in students' patterns of study. The theatre, dance and other performing arts can teach people how to express themselves effectively, and can also be a tool through which people with disabilities can communicate. In addition to teaching self-expression, the performing arts help society as a whole in self-knowledge and understanding. 

At Circle Arts Theatre, we want every child do be able to participate in our programs. We can do that only with the support of our community contributors. Please consider a donation to our Youth programs, which will benefit children in the following ways:

  • Pay tuition for children whose families are unable to afford K.I.D.s classes or Summer Camp.
  • Send our Inner Circle members to the annual Texas Non-Profit Theatres Conference, where they perform their annual show for other non-profit theatre groups from around the state, take workshops in theatre arts from professionals in the industry, and create friendships with peer members of the other groups participating in the conference.
  • Fund our Graduating Seniors Scholarship Fund, which grants scholarships to the members of the Inner Circle who are graduating from high school, some of whom have volunteered with the theatre since beginning K.I.D.s classes in second grade.

Thank your for considering a donation for our Youth members!

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