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K.I.D.s Klasses

The goal of Circle Arts’ K.I.D.s Klasses in Drama is to encourage self-discovery and build self-confidence, while teaching the discipline of theatre to 2nd through 9th grade students. Classes are offered during the school year, in both SPRING & FALL. Circle Arts K.I.D.s is a semester-long experience.

Students will learn basics about staging, how to memorize lines, how to develop a character, how to sing in a group, and…most of all, they will enhance self-confidence, and learn to work on a team.

Many of the Circle Arts’ K.I.D.s graduates become members of our touring youth company, The Inner Circle, and later fill roles in our main stage productions.

2023 Spring Semester

Winnie the Pooh, Kids
Show Dates: April 28—30

Fees: $200 Tuition + $50 Script & Materials = $250

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The class schedule will be:
Mondays from 4:30-5:45- 2nd through 5th grade
Mondays from 5:45-7:00- 6th through 9th grade
Wednesdays from 5:30-7:00- Advanced students

  • Our instructors teach the basics of theatre for 3 weeks.
  • Students audition for a role in the show they will perform at the end of the semester.
  • Rehearsals are one to two times a week until the week before the performance called “Tech Week”.
  • During “Tech Week,” all students will be needed every afternoon for rehearsals.
  • The class culminates with a weekend of performances. Friday and Saturday at 7pm and Saturday and Sunday at 2pm.

Though there are only 3 weeks of classes, students continue to learn through the rehearsal process. They are introduced to dance steps learning the names of those steps, and they learn basics of music and harmony. Though classes of 15 students go to a show of 45-50 actors, shows are carefully staged to make sure everyone has their moment to shine.

Students always get to perform in front of a sold-out crowd!The goal of Circle Arts’ K.I.D.s (Klasses in Drama) is to encourage self-discovery and build self-confidence, while teaching the discipline of theatre to 2nd through 9th grade students. Classes are offered during the school year, in both SPRING & FALL. Many of the K.I.D.s “graduates” become members of our touring youth company, The Inner Circle, and also fill roles in our main stage productions.

The first three weeks of each K.I.D.s session consists of instructive classes. The students then schedule their audition for the season’s production. Once they are notified of their role, all the classes meet as one group for a review of the script and the calendar. Students are only called when needed for the scenes being rehearsed on any given day. The week of the play performance is called “tech week,” and students will be needed every afternoon to rehearse the play in full, culminating in full performances on the weekend, always to a packed house!

To make a payment and reserve your child’s spot in the class, click on Tickets and look for Klasses In Drama in the list of offerings. If you’ve filled out the Registration Form, then you’re done and we’ll see you the first day of class. If you prefer not to fill information out on line, then print out the registration and medical forms to bring with you the first day of class. You won’t have to come to registration unless you’d like to look at the theatre.

Our students and families love to give back to the community, and one way Circle Arts K.I.D.s does that is by collecting donations at each performance for a specific organization.

Tuition Fees: $175 for classes and training and $25 for scripts and materials. Total cost for the semester is $200.

Would you like to help a child attend classes? Make a small donation when you register your own child. Do you need help for your child to attend classes? Fill out our Scholarship Application

The Inner Circle

Youth Touring Company

The Inner Circle is a company composed of talented high school students who work together to bring the experience of live theatre to elementary and middle schools. Roberta Elliott, the theatre’s Executive Director and Inner Circle instructor founded the company in 1978, with the goal of introducing live theatre to as many children as possible, bringing them either a taste of the classics or a “life lesson” served up in an entertaining way.

To date, The Inner Circle has given almost 600 performances for over 130,000 students.

The Inner Circle also selects a play or musical each year to produce and perform at their end-of-year show in May. This show is then cut down to accommodate the 40-minute time-limit for performances at the Texas Non-Profit Theatre Conference each June. This conference is the highlight of the season for the Inner Circle, as it gives them a chance to take classes from professionals in the industry while mingling with their peers from around the state. They earn their tuition for their year-long classes and for TNT Conference via volunteer hours given to the theatre; each member is expected to provide a minimum of 100 hours per year, and many exceed that out of sheer love for the theatre!

Next Show

May 12—13
Windows Are Solid Air Only

All proceeds go to fund The Inner Circle’s trip to the TNT Youth Conference in June!


Summer Camp


Join us this July for a fun camp with an original script.

Join us for one week or two, and camp will culminate with a production of the original show in which everyone participates!

Week 1 is comprised of theater games, exercises, music, and choreography; topics include vocal expression, body movement, facial expression, imagination, pantomime, characterization, improvisation, and more!

Week 2 consists of rehearsing the script in preparation for the show.

Ages 7-11 meet 9am to 12pm
Ages 12-15 meet 1pm to 4pm

Tuition: $200 for one week of camp
$300 for two weeks of camp