May 11 at 7pm and May 12 at 2pm and 7pm

Tickets only $10 and all proceeds to to fund their trip to the TNT Youth Conference in June!

The Inner Circle, known as Rep, is a company composed of talented middle and high school students who work together to bring the experience of live theatre to elementary and middle schools.  Roberta Elliott, the theatre’s Executive Director and Inner Circle instructor founded the company in 1978, with the goal of introducing live theatre to as many children as possible, bringing them either a taste of the classics or a “life lesson” served up in an entertaining way.

To date, The Inner Circle has given almost 600 performances for over 130,000 students.



Auditions for this unique group are April 10, 2018 Tuesday, at 7pm.   Places exist for students from 7th grade to Junior in high school.  Auditions will consist of cold readings and improvs.  If you miss the audition, call for 830-620-4848 for an appointment.


The Inner Circle has class on Tuesdays, 5:30-7:00pm as well as additional training during their rehearsals on Sundays.  The tuition is not money, but volunteer hours.  This way every talented young person can participate and learn even more valuable life skills.


Below are some remarks by Inner Circle members.  We hope this gives you some insight into our very special group.

Rep is . . .

  • Rep is a very special group of people who depend on each other and support the group. It is a unique and life-changing experience.
  • Rep is a group where your creativity can grow.
  • Hard work.
  • Rep is giving up your Sundays. Rep is willing to be wild and crazy and loud and creative.
  • To be in Rep, a person has to be dedicated to the group and to the cause – we are supposed to be awesome as individuals and as a whole! It also takes up your free time, so you have to be willing! Be ready to open up to a group of strangers!
  • A time, place and surroundings to learn and grow in yourself and with the group. A “circle” of friends.
  • Rep is a commitment to excellence in acting. It’s a group of mature professionals working together to enrich the lives of others through drama and enjoy the benefits of theatrical training.
  • Rep is a refuge from EVERYTHING! Rep is a place for understanding. Rep is an outlet for creativity.