Circle Arts is currently considering new members for board appointments.

To nominate someone or apply for a board member position,
please use this form: Board Application Form

Applications for the Board are due by July 31st!


What are you interested in?  Building, Painting, Stage Managing, Running Lights or Sound?  No prior experience needed.  We are happy to train you.  Just give a call 830-620-4848 or email us at  And if you already have expertise in these areas, then we’re happy to pick up a new trick or two from you!

 Sign up for House Crew for Steel Magnolias  will be posted soon!

Our usual house crew jobs during a major production

Floating around, making sure things are moving smoothly, helping out where needed.

Dealing with credit card machine and money, though most of our tickets are pre-sold which makes life easier.

Smiling, checking the date on tickets, and handing out programs.

Selling candy, & drinks – And serving our complimentary beer and wine.  No one under 18 may sign up for this position.

You direct people to their seat, but do not actually take them there.

What should you wear as House Crew?
Think of dressing nice for church.  Please no flipflops, shorts, or t-shirts. We want to look professional. 

We do ask for the house crew to help us clean up after the shows.


Here is a brief description of the jobs we need filled during Wurstfest:

Captain – floating around, making sure things are moving smoothly, helping out where needed.  Policing outside food and beer, encouraging rowdy drunks to go elsewhere, directing those who already have tickets into the theatre, letting people know we only have so many tickets or are sold out
Tickets – this is the same as a regular show, dealing with credit card machine and money, there will be more dealing with selling during this show because there will be more walk-ins, but all tickets are one price.  You will need to keep track of tickets sold in order to balance the money after the show
Greeter – smiling, taking tickets, and handing out programs.  You might have to send back people with food & beer pitchers if they get by the Captain
Concession – selling popcorn, candy, & drinks and also merchandise. – NO Beer or Wine this time so under 18 can help in this area. However, please don’t sign up a little one on a weekend. Audience members can be overwhelming if it’s too young a person behind the counter. Actually they can be that way for us older ones too!
We do ask for House Crew to help us after the show to sweep up popcorn and do a quick clean up!