Let it be known to all here present that Circle Arts Theatre was founded in 1968 by Elizabeth Elliott.

  • That in it’s first few years, performances were given in an old exhibition hall on the fair grounds;
  • That in 1971, asked by the Wurstfest Association to present an old-time melodrama during its annual festival, the theatre found a home in the converted warehouse, originally known as the Kleinehalle;
  • That in 1972 the first full season opened with O MEN! O WOMEN! on May 11th, the night of the great flood. By the next weekend, this community had picked itself up, and performances resumed to packed houses;
  • That in 1979, the theatre was awarded a Texas Commission on the Arts Grant for its Youth Enrichment Program, which flourishes and grows with each year;
  • That in 1981, Circle Arts Theatre won the State Competition in the Texas Festival of Community Theaters, with its production of SEASCAPE by Edward Albee;
  • That in 1985, the theatre again proceeded to the State Competition at the Dallas Theater Center to perform with the seven other finest theaters in Texas;
  • That on March 4, 1988, the theatre celebrated its Twentieth Anniversary Season with a formal Gala at the Civic Center, the guest celebrity being the distinguished actor, Morgan Woodward;
  • That in past State Competitions the theatre has won awards in costume and graphic design;
  • That on January 30, 1993, Circle Arts celebrated its Silver Anniversary with a formal Gala at the Civic Center with a videotaped collage of performances through its 25 years;
  • That since its arrival in its current home, the theatre’s Board of Directors has provided over $74,000 worth of renovations and repairs, vastly upgrading the city-owned building it leases;
  • That to date, the theatre has staged 133 major productions, 10 children’s theatre shows and 31 melodramas;
  • That to date its touring youth company, The Inner Circle, has brought theater to more than 120,000 school children of Central Texas;
  • That to date, the theatre has given 110 benefit performances for other local non-profit organizations;
  • That on November 15, 1998, Circle Arts celebrated its Thirtieth Anniversary with a Gala at the Civic Enter with special Pearl Awards, and a stage show of production highlights from the previous five years;
  • That Circle Arts Theatre is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in the performing arts and the affirmation and growth of the human spirit.

To be continued…