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Executive Producer* $10,000

64 individual VIP, lobby plaque, program listing

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Director* $2,000

16 individual VIP passes, lobby plaque, program listing

Leading Player* $1,000

8 individual VIP passes, lobby plaque, program listing

Supporting Role* $500

4 individual VIP passes, lobby plaque, program listing

Designer $250

2 individual VIP passes, program listing

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Graham & Elizabeth Weston


Whitney Bischoff

Leading Player

The Clark-Dyball Family
Roberta Elliott
Jayne Jochec
Neal & Vaida Jordan
Johnny & Anne Weisman

Supporting Role

M'liss & Rusty Brockman
Beverly Curtis
Mike & Adela Davis
Marilyn T. Gaddis, PhD
Dr. & Mrs. Martin Levett
Shirley Stamets


Mary & Fred Budworth
Jack & Susan Bogle
Tom & Frances Hodges
Pat & Layne Hoppe
Richard & Mary Kappel
Carole & Layton Leissner
Joy & Bryan Lindsey
Aaron Malakoff
Patrick & Lois Ricci
Mark Warnken


C. H. Bateman
Richard & Jeanette Brace
Gloria R. & Joe S. Espinoza
Dr. & Mrs. Michael Doherty
Kathleen Elbel
Mary Lou Freiheit
Homer & Sandy Gilbert
Helgard Suhr Hollis
Marlene Karabinus
Leland Kendall
Bob Keyser & Tricia Stevens
John & Cherie Kittle
Katrina Korpeck
Jeff & Denise Mund
Pauline Reynolds
The Rust Game Place & Meat Market
Lewis & Veronica Sarkozi
Stephen & Katherine Weiner


Franklin & Rosemary Allen
Bart & Ann Bartholomew
Whitney Bischoff
Merrie Fox, PhD
Dennis & Jackie Heitkamp
Marcie Helmke
Bob & Barbara Houde
Bart Jennings
Arly Nelson
John & Lois Newton
Mildred B. Reed
Bill & Glynda Spears
James & Dierdre Storrar
Carol, Shon & Bruce Thatcher
Andrea Walker
Laurel & Tim White
David & Lisa Williams

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