Next Audition: August 21 at 7pm

The 39 Steps

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For more information or to schedule a different audition time, please call 830-837-6172.

Audition Dates

2022 Shows

All auditions are at 7pm and last approximately 2-3 hours. Please plan on attending the entire audition time. If you’re unable to audition on the date listed, please call 830-620-4848 or email for an appointment to audition at a different time. You do not need to bring a resume or headshot or fill out anything ahead of time.

Auditions For Musicals

Prepare a 30-60 seconds of musical theatre song (bring the accompanying music on a CD or your phone). Please wear clothing and shoes that allow movement for the group dance audition. Auditions will also include cold readings from the script.

Auditions For Non-Musicals

Auditions will include cold readings from the script as well as some improvs.

The Great American Trailer Park Christmas Musical

Audition November 22, 7pM
Musical Audition
Show Runs: January 28 – February 20

Clue: On Stage

Audition January 30, 7PM
Show Runs: March 25 – April 10

Prodigal Son

Audition March 30th, at 7pm
Show Runs: May 5 – 7

All Shook Up, The Musical

Audition April 3 & 4, 7PM
Musical Audition
Show Runs: July 8 – 31

Completely Hollywood Abridged

Audition July 11, 7PM
Show Runs: August 26 – September 4

The 39 Steps

Audition August 21, 7PM
Show Runs: October 7 – 23

Willy WonkWurst

Audition September 18, 7PM
Show Runs: November 4 – 13

Auditions For The

Inner Circle

April 5th at 6pm

The Inner Circle is our youth touring company for high schoolers.

Auditions will consist of cold readings and improvs, and are usually conducted once yearly, towards the end of the spring school semester. This group is the theatre’s youth touring company and consists of students ranging from 8th graders to high school seniors. The group travels to local elementary schools performing for children and participates in a state theatre conference.